Improving Dental Hygiene
Volunteer AbroadThe CCS public health dental initiative launched in Ghana just before New Year’s, with volunteers working at the Blidokope Primary School in the Adaklu community of the Volta Region. Volunteers served families from this village who earn incomes as peasant farmers and weavers, and rarely, if ever, have the opportunity to visit a dentist or receive dental care education.
Female Friendly Spaces in Greece
Volunteer AbroadKloey Strande spent the last 3 months with the CCS Greece refugee program, working primarily with the women of the refugee camp. Below Kloey describes her experience as a CCS volunteer:
Impacting Vision in Schools
Volunteer AbroadIn under-resourced schools around the world, children encounter challenges to receiving a high-quality education. CCS impact volunteers are making a difference in one challenge for too many children - vision - to make our mark in improving global education, one child at a time. Vision: A Global Struggle
Kusi Wawa Kuna Preschool - PART 2
Volunteer AbroadWe're back with part 2 of Bruce's blog about his volunteer experience with CCS in Peru. Dive in with us to explore how we impact child education in this community! In Part 1 of this post I gushed a bit about how this little humble preschool is a sanctuary and oasis by explaining where it is located in order to give you a brief glimpse into what they have worked through to make this beautiful dream a reality.
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