Running . . . Tanzania

When I was in 9th grade, I wrote a short story entitled “Running.” In the story, I unknowingly set wheels in motion that I am only now even beginning to understand. In the story, the narrator is on a bus in Uganda. She notices a small girl running alongside the road and is immediately intrigued. Why was the little girl running? I still see this little girl vividly in my mind, and she represents a crucial part of my life.


Extraordinary Guatemala

I awakened with my head pressed firmly against the airplane window with a stale sandwich wrapped in plastic on my lap. I had slept the entire 5-hour red-eye flight from LA to Guatemala City. I opened my eyes to the early morning sun peeking over the mountaintops. Wait, I could not believe it, those were not mountains they were volcanoes.


You want to do what? Take a Gap Year?

Gap Year Options from Cross-Cultural SolutionsThis was the beginning of a recent conversation that I had with my soon to graduate 18-year-old son. As someone who grew up with the option of going to college or going to college, “Gap Year” was a foreign concept. Which is really not far from the truth; gap years have been common for some time in Britain and Australia. However, here in the US, their popularity has just increased over the last few years.


My CCS adventure that absolutely changed everything for me.

Hello! I am Julie, the Alumni Engagement Specialist, and I would like to share my CCS adventure that has absolutely changed everything for me.

Once upon a time I was working in the corporate circle, dreaming about doing something internationally and make a difference in the world. While the Peace Corps sounded interesting, I never quite felt comfortable with a long term commitment. In addition, I was feeling really stuck in my career. That’s when my mentor told me about CCS and the rest is history.

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