50 plus Volunteer Opportunities

For many, life after 50 is a time of freedom, confidence, and exploration. Whether you are a recent retiree or you are simply checking off your bucket list, volunteering abroad is an indispensable life experience and a great excuse to see the world!

Cross-Cultural Solutions offers incredibly safe, enriching, international volunteering opportunities in Africa, Asia, or Latin America. Volunteers work side-by-side in the communities, fostering cultural understanding and global citizenship.

Older Volunteers offer a lifetime of experience. With CCS, you’ll discover that you can apply this experience and knowledge that you've acquired over the years and have a huge impact in making a real difference in people’s lives.

For more information on how to enroll for the experience of a lifetime, email us at info@ccs.ngo, or give us a call at 914-632-0022.

Why Volunteer With Cross-Cultural Solutions

  • Safe, comfortable, inviting accommodations
    CCS offers a safe and comfortable Home-Base staffed by a full-time team of local people dedicated to your safety and trained to support the day-to-day needs of international volunteers. The CCS Home-Base is your home away from home providing a chance to connect with CCS staff and volunteers, three meals a day of authentic local cuisine and domestic transportation to volunteer opportunities and cultural activities.

  • Experience - established in 1995
    Travel confidently, knowing that CCS has 20 years of experience. That’s 2 decades, over 34,000 volunteers and 1000’s of life changing stories.

  • We take care of the details
    All of our programs include planning and support, safe travel and accommodations, meaningful volunteer service, genuine opportunities for cultural immersion, and instruction in the local language.

  • Our Program Specialists are Experts with first-hand knowledge
    Great service and a great attitude are at the core of what we do. When you enroll with Cross-Cultural Solutions, you have access to people who have been where you are going. Our program specialist are all CCS alumni and able to answer any of your questions.

  • Sustainable, responsible international volunteering
    As a leader in the field of international volunteer travel for 20 years, we know that the best approach to international volunteering—the only approach—is one designed by the community. In every community in which we work, we have long-standing relationships with local organizations who communicate real-time needs and objectives to the CCS team so that our volunteers can work alongside local people and make a sustainable impact.

What Our CCS Volunteers Are Saying

CCS 50+ Volunteering Blog

“The trip was my 60th birthday present to myself, and it was a wonderful way to begin this new decade; I got to be selfish and generous at the same time, getting to visit a part of the world I had long wanted to see but at the same time returning with the feeling that I had had the chance to give back a bit of what life has so generously given me.“
Linda, India Volunteer

“The experience contributed to my retirement goal. That was to develop an understanding of people of other cultures beyond what is available to a person just traveling through a country.”
Patricia, Costa Rica Volunteer

“My overall experience was wonderful. Each day at least once, I had the opportunity to challenge myself either physically, emotionally or spiritually. I also had the experience of saying to myself (and sometimes out loud) "Now here's something I never thought I'd do/see". I had wanted the opportunity to push myself beyond my comfort zone and I certainly had that opportunity. I was challenged to re-examine long-held beliefs and values and although I didn't necessarily change the way I feel, the opportunity was valuable and at times deepened my beliefs.”
Sara Goldberger, Volunteer

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