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For 22 years, maximizing volunteer impact and creating authentic cultural experiences from the safety and comfort of our exclusive Home-Base.

International Volunteering with Impact

Our Purpose

Our mission is to mobilize cross-cultural impact volunteering that improves education and health opportunities for children who need it most.

35,000 Volunteers
22 Years
25,000 Children Served
8 Countries
Why do we volunteer?
Because one volunteer leads to a movement of volunteers and together our impact is limitless. Together, we can serve the world's most vulnerable with better opportunities for education, improved health, health infrastructure and build the compassion that changes our lives and theirs.

What our volunteers say

Anyone can go to a country that is struggling with poverty and volunteer, but without context the experience can be shallow. We had a number of people who provided history and context to what the citizens of Lima have struggled with, where the successes have been and what is needed for the future. I have an affinity and an understanding of the country that I didn’t expect to come away with.

Judy Hurst
Peru Volunteer

I can say that I felt my impact was highly significant in the lives of the children I had to privilege to work with. Though there was a strong language barrier, their smiles, hugs, and kisses were enough to communicate the happiness we brought to their morning.

Emily Huber
Morocco Volunteer

They [the students] told me 'thank you for you' which I believe they meant, 'Thank you for teaching us.' I was equally touched by their humbleness in welcoming me, sharing stories of their families, their culture & their lives, & appreciating me for my voluntary work there.

Sucheta Rawal
Morocco Volunteer

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