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This is not your average Gap Year! Volunteer abroad while you immerse yourself in another culture and discover things about yourself and your world that you never knew before.

Gap Year Programs

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Why CCS?

Cross-Cultural Solutions Gap Year volunteers go beyond surface-level exchanges by working alongside local community members and learning about important social and cultural issues. They return inspired with a sense of responsibility and personal agency, knowing they can continue to serve the world as change agents, global citizens, and informed leaders. Here are four core components of every Cross-Cultural Solutions program.


We understand parents may have a few hesitations about their child taking a Gap Year. You might ask: What is a Gap Year? Is this safe? How will this better prepare my child for college and a career? With CCS, gap year students return more self-aware, confident, and reflective. Let us explain how it all works.

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While going to college is still a major milestone, some question whether the  university experience alone is fully preparing students for adulthood in the 21st century. With CCS, your students will avoid academic burnout and contribute to meaningful social change, and they’ll return more self-aware, purpose-driven, and ready to succeed in college.

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Don't Go To College Next Year

Before you know it, it’s time to start looking at colleges. The pressure is on--college fair after college fair, thousands of brochures, late-nights up researching the endless choices for majors; all while taking finals and trying to finish off high school. At this point in life, high school graduates are still in the process of figuring out who they are and understanding the world, but they are simultaneously forced into making the biggest decision of their life. What if going directly into college directly after completing high school isn’t the best choice?

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