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Support for Refugees - A Humanitarian Crisis

Refugee Program in Greece

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Of the total 22.5 million refugees in the world today, less than 1 percent have been resettled. Over 62 thousand refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, and elsewhere are currently stranded in Greece, living in temporary camp structures while they wait, often indefinitely, for resettlement.

In response to this humanitarian crisis, CCS is operating a refugee volunteer program to support vulnerable women, children, and residents of camps in Greece.

How can you support refugees?

  1. Manage Water and Clothing Distribution
  2. Work with Refugee Children
  3. Support Refugee Women
  4. Donate to the Distribution Center


CCS is honored to manage operations of Ritsona’s massive distribution center, a crucial dispensary of water, clothing, and other supplies. Volunteers will form lasting relationships with residents as they distribute daily water packages and run a free clothing boutique -- meeting basic human needs and fulfilling fundamental human rights, all with compassion and humanity.

We are also pleased to partner with local NGO's that have been operating in Ritsona since the camp was opened. Our main partners are I AM YOU and Lighthouse Relief. CCS volunteers work alongside the I AM YOU staff at both Ritsona and Oinofyta camps, supporting their pre-school and education programs, and also collaborate with Lighthouse Relief staff in their Child Friendly Space, and Female Friendly Space in Ritsona.

In addition, as part of your program contribution, $200-300 is donated to the Distribution Center at Ritsona, and $100 is donated to our refugee program partners for every 2 weeks of service, depending on your assignment.

Regardless of where you volunteer and what your daily service looks like, you’ll be fulfilling basic human needs and upholding fundamental human rights by providing stability for and upholding the dignity of residents during this time of crisis.

Create a nurturing environment through Work with Refugee Children by offering emotional and educational supports to meet developmental milestones.

Foster a sense of community and provide educational and health information to Support Vulnerable Women in female-friendly spaces.

Uphold human dignity and provide a sense of stability when you Manage Water & Clothing Distributions by meeting basic needs with consistency and respect.

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