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Support for Syrian Refugees - A Humanitarian Crisis

Syrian Refugee Program in Greece

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An estimated 11 million Syrians have fled their homes since the outbreak of the civil war in March 2011.

Since the Balkan route from Greece to northern Europe was shut down in March after the arrival of a million migrants and refugees, around 57,000 people have been stranded in Greece. In response to this humanitarian crisis, Cross-Cultural Solutions is operating a refugee volunteer program starting in 2017 to support vulnerable children, women, and residents of camps in Greece.

How can you support refugees?

  1. Work with Refugee Children
  2. Support Vulnerable Women
  3. Advocate for Refugees
  4. Build Refugee Camp Infrastructure

Please note for the program contribution of $1850 per person for a 2-week program, volunteers must travel in groups of at least 4 members as part of the Support Refugees program in Greece - so start spreading the word on social media with friends, family, colleagues, or classmates! We do accept individual volunteers to enroll in this program, but at a program contribution of $2250 for a 2-week program. And, if you're traveling with 3 or fewer people, the group leader gets $100 off for each person that joins you in this experience! Note: this discount cannot be combined with other discounts. As part of your program contribution, $100 is donated to our refugee program partners for every 2 weeks of service.


We are pleased to be partnering with local NGO's that have been operating in Ritsona since the camp was opened. Our main partners are Lighthouse Relief and I AM YOU. CCS volunteers will be working alongside the Lighthouse Relief staff in their Child Friendly Space, Female Friendly Space, Construction and Advocacy programs. Volunteers will support the pre-school and education programs of I AM YOU at both Ritsona and Oinofita camps.

Create a nurturing environment through Work with Refugee Children by offering emotional and educational supports to meet developmental milestones.

Foster a sense of community and provide educational and health information to Support Vulnerable Women in female-friendly spaces.

Give your hands and heart in a project to Build Refugee Camp Infrastructure to create needed spaces for an ever-growing refugee population.

Share the realities of life as a refugee and become an Advocate for Refugees through stories and photos that can help to dispel myths and misperceptions.

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