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Volunteer Abroad Opportunities

The most impactful approach to volunteering abroad – the only approach – is one designed by the community. With CCS, you’ll do meaningful work that addresses a specific community need. As you immerse yourself in the community – your new neighborhood – and work alongside local people to make a real impact, you’ll find beauty in every connection and commonality discovered, large or small. The CCS international volunteer experience offers you a genuine volunteer experience with countless opportunities to connect with, and learn from, local people in those communities in which you'll work to support.

The CCS Education & Literacy Project

Volunteering to teach children abroad is a powerful way to effect entire communities. Apply your passion to support local youth and educators. The impact will resonate for generations to come! Whether you're teaching English and the ABC’s, leading students in a song, or giving a math lesson, your service will make a difference.

Many of the students you’ll encounter come from families who can’t afford the tuition commonly required for quality education. Make a difference by offering attention and support to students who have few opportunities for special one-on-one connections. In an over-crowded classroom, you can be a role model for children and provide inspiration to local educators.

The CCS Child Development Project

Children are every community's hope for a better future. Nurturing future generations begins with a single lesson, a simple smile, or just a bit of extra attention. Work as an international volunteer to strengthen a community's greatest asset -- their children -- when you volunteer with child care centers, daycare centers, community centers, and other organizations that are preparing kids for great things.

Many of the children you’ll work with need more positive role models in their lives. You’ll provide support to abused, abandoned, or otherwise vulnerable children so that they can grow into healthy, happy adults. Prepare kids for a bright future by playing games, serving meals, and giving much needed one-on-one attention and love. You'll be an invaluable role model for local children by offering support to an under-resourced staff.

The CCS Girls' and Women’s Empowerment Project

Cultural, political, and economic challenges disproportionately impact girls and women. When you improve access to education, healthcare, and resources for a woman, you start a ripple effect that strengthens the entire community. Experience first-hand how empowering girls and women can lead to long-term economic growth, social development, and environmental sustainability.

When a girl stays in school, it creates improved economic opportunities and reduces rates of teen pregnancy and child marriages. When women are provided with economic opportunities, it translates into stronger, healthier families and communities. Your volunteer work to provide education opportunities, assist microfinance and development opportunities, and support victims of violence will create lasting change and empowerment to the amazing women and girls who will transform their families and communities.

The CCS Global Health Project

Spend your volunteering abroad alongside healthcare professionals who are working to provide quality care to their patients each and every day.

The healthcare organizations operating in each of our partner communities don't just provide medical services. They educate, engage, connect, and rally people around some of the most pervasive issues. Many of the people, you’ll encounter during your time volunteering abroad live with limited access to the most basic health resources. You may work with physicians, administrators, support staff, patients, or families to improve morale and quality of life for countless individuals. Whether your volunteer service takes you out into the community, to a local clinic, or to a hospital room bedside, the love and attention that you offer can bring a smile to the faces of patients and their families, and for many, that makes all the difference in the world.

The CCS HIV/AIDS Project

Community development and sustainable change start with an empowered few. As an international volunteer, work with local outreach and health organizations that are working to empower individuals affected by HIV/AIDS. Whether you're providing support to people with HIV/AIDS, their families or local professionals who provide services every day, your work makes all the difference. One of the most important factors in combating the virus is the effort to de-stigmatize those with positive status. When you partner with local community centers and outreach projects, you can spark that change.

Lend your passion to the cause, and support the movement toward more compassionate care, more effective education campaigns, and more people getting tested to know their own status. Act in solidarity with local leaders and add credibility to community-wide awareness efforts, while supporting those who are affected by HIV/AIDS.

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Costa Rica
The CCS Support for People with Disabilities Project

In many communities around the world, individuals with disabilities face harsh social stigmas and are left with few resources. As an international volunteer, work alongside our partner organizations to bring joy to the lives of people with disabilities as they strive to live each day to its fullest.

In communities where resources are already scarce, it’s not uncommon for individuals with disabilities to go without vital care and services. Whether you’re leading a music lesson, sharing a meal, assisting with exercises and physical therapy, or simply holding a hand, your service will enrich the lives of people with disabilities and free staff resources so that individuals get more of the attention and love that they need. Your efforts will strengthen the visibility of these services, and contribute to larger community efforts to break down the stereotypes and stigmas faced by individuals with disabilities.

The CCS Aging with Dignity Project

A community's elders are its deepest roots, a living connection to every generation. Whether you're trading stories with an elderly friend, serving meals, or lightening the burden of an administrator, your service will connect you to your new community in a very special way. By offering an elderly person attention and love, you’ll build bridges between cultures and across generations.

The elderly are often the forgotten members of a population. They can be marginalized as a result of urbanization, or left behind by families who no longer have the resources to care for them. In communities where nest-eggs and comfortable senior homes don’t exist, the elderly have few resources on which they can rely. Working to support these individuals means that you'll be bringing games, music, and a chance for fun physical activity to an organization's residents. All of these activities will contribute to improved mental, emotional, and physical well-being for community elders.

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Costa Rica
India, New Delhi
And So Much More!

If you didn’t find your calling among our six volunteer work areas, we’ve got some other volunteering abroad opportunities up our sleeve that will match your unique interests and experience. Whether you’re a micro-finance enthusiast, a women’s empowerment champion, or have some specialized skill or secret talent, we would love to work with you to find your perfect volunteer assignment. In each of our volunteering abroad destinations, we have relationships 10+ years strong with local organizations. These local partners often have periodic and unique initiatives that may not fit in perfectly with our six work areas, but may be a perfect match for your skills and interests – so let us know what you’re looking for! For questions about specific opportunities volunteering abroad, chat now or contact us today and speak to one of our expert Program Advisors.

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