A squad brings enthusiasm. CCS brings experience.

Squads Abroad, a CCS Program

Squads Abroad empowers teens around the world to improve health and educational outcomes in under resourced communities abroad. Teacher-led "Squads" choose a defined focus area, a location, and an enrichment project that the students contribute towards and complete during their trip. Guided by our professional on-the-ground team, we offer fun and engaging cultural activities that compliment the service work to provide deeper cultural awareness. Our home-base model provides safe and private accommodations for volunteers to enjoy healthy authentic meals, relax after a meaningful day of work, and reflect with your group on all the amazing experiences.

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Why Squads Abroad?

We are a service-focused organization with over 23 years of experience, explicitly recognized by the U.N. for our level of expertise in international volunteering. This means that your service learning experience will be optimally structured to make a real difference in the lives of local people. We are global leaders in integrating cultural learning and impactful service centered activities to produce transformative experiences for your students.

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The CCS Home-Base is the home away from home for our volunteers, where they’ll connect with CCS staff and other volunteers, enjoy healthy and authentic meals, reflect on their experiences, or just relax. We ensure that volunteers will feel safe and comfortable.

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The CCS Process and Support for:

Group Leaders

Step 1
Request a Trip Proposal

Receive itinerary of your destination and program of interest.

Trip Proposal

Step 2
Contact Us and Learn More

To get all the details, call 1-914-632-0022, or email us.

Step 3
Enroll your Students

Promote your Squad and enroll students using our easy to use preparation website.

Step 4
Trip Preparation

Use our custom curriculum to prepare your students to maximize impact while abroad.

Step 5

Use online tools and group fundraising ideas to make their trip affordable

Step 6
Go Make Your Impact!

Travel with your students to make a real difference in the lives of others.

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