Volunteering in Thailand: Why cultural activities matter

When deciding on an international volunteer program, one of the main things that appealed to me about Cross-Cultural Solutions was the idea of the "full experience." When I saw that CCS placed equal importance on volunteering, educational activities, and opportunities for organic cultural exchange, I knew I had found my adventure. And while I knew that I wanted an educational volunteer experience, and I couldn't wait to learn about Thai culture, what I didn't realize was that these cultural activities are more than just educational. CCS includes them in the volunteer experience because they are a key ingredient in impactful volunteer work. Allow me to explain.


Volunteer abroad for a fresh perspective

Volunteering with Cross-Cultural Solutions is an incredibly effective way to take a step back and evaluate the path you've chosen. Whether you're interested in taking a career break abroad, you're a recent grad ready to experience the life of an international volunteer, or you're just trying to figure out your next big move, the CCS experience offers you an opportunity to shake things up, and change everything.


Get off the tourist path with Cross-Cultural Solutions

For an international volunteer, there are few moments more invigorating and fulfilling than those that take you off the tourist path. They offer a rare glimpse into a new country and culture, and rare insights into yourself, as well.

When you volunteer abroad with Cross-Cultural Solutions, each day brings new opportunities to get off the tourist path. Here are a few special moments experienced by some of the staff here at Cross-Cultural Solutions during their volunteer abroad adventures.


My 4 weeks teaching abroad in Thailand with Cross-Cultural Solutions

Volunteering with Cross-Cultural Solutions in Bangkok, Thailand far exceeded my expectations. By the end of my four weeks, I had developed serious connections with the students and staff members at the school for children with disabilities where I was teaching. The initial, and occasionally overwhelming feeling of being the new kid in a busy school had long since faded, and almost without my realizing it, I had become a trusted member of the school community. A lot can happen in four weeks.



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