Are CCS programs accessible to people with disabilities?

Yes! Cross-Cultural Solutions is committed to making the international volunteer experience a possibility for everyone. We understand that the accessibility of a CCS program site is defined by your unique needs and we are happy to provide comprehensive information about our program locations to help you determine which destination is best for you. We take great pride in making our programs accessible to all, and through the years, we've worked with many volunteers with disabilities in order to ensure accessibility and comfort. We partner with Mobility International USA (MIUSA) to make sure that we are maintaining an inclusive environment for people with disabilities at each of our program locations. For questions about the accessibility of our specific program sites, please don't hesitate to reach out to a Program Advisor.

Do many CCS volunteers enroll solo?

Actually, most of our volunteers enroll on their own for the international adventure of a lifetime. You can rest assured that our programs are the safest around, and that you've always got an incredible team of in-country staff to rely on. The beautiful thing about volunteering internationally with CCS is that even if your fellow volunteers aren't your old friends, you're never really going it alone. In fact, chances are, you're about to meet some brand new, soon to be "old friends." Whether you find that special connection with your fellow-volunteers, the in-country staff, or new local friends, the moment you arrive in your destination of choice, you become a part of the family! Read this story about a solo female traveler and learn about the connections that you'll make on your volunteer experience of a lifetime.

Do I need to speak another language to volunteer?

A basic knowledge of English is necessary to follow the instructions provided by CCS staff. Speaking the local language is not required. In fact, read this blog post for a firsthand account of how impactful a CCS experience can be, even when you don't speak the language.

Do I need any specific skills to volunteer abroad?

We believe that all volunteers have something amazing to contribute! Our projects are designed to accommodate all levels of skills and experience.

Do you have a minimum or maximum age for volunteers?

CCS volunteers include students, working professionals, 50+ volunteers, families, and groups from around the world! For our Volunteer Abroad, Gap Year Abroad, and Intern Abroad programs, volunteers must be 18 to participate independently. Children and teens can participate in our Volunteer Abroad programs if traveling with a parent or guardian (or as part of a chaperoned group). We typically recommend that children be at least 8 years of age to participate, but please contact us to discuss your specific needs for families with younger children. We also offer High School Volunteer Abroad for high school students who wish to make a difference on programs designed just for teens!

The diversity of CCS volunteers is one of the elements that makes a CCS experience amazing! Sharing your experience with volunteers from many backgrounds and perspectives - who quickly become lifelong friends - only deepens the impacts of your work. Hear from some of our volunteers of all ages.


Can I volunteer with a group of friends, colleagues, or relatives?

Yes, of course! As long as the program has not already been reserved to its maximum capacity, the more the merrier! Depending on the size of your group, discounts may be available. Find out more about the group volunteer experience, and read stories from families who joined the CCS family.

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