Breaking The Cycle Of Poverty in Costa Rica

For the last fifteen years, our Costa Rican Program has been working with community daycares to improve the lives of children and single mothers. In Costa Rica, approximately 31% of the population are single mothers. More than 12% of primary school children drop out of the education system entirely due to not having the support they need at home. Daycares are essential to breaking the cycle of poverty that often exists in single parent households, by providing a safe and education-focused space for children.


Salisbury School's Visit to Ghana


“I didn’t really like eating American salad when I came to Salisbury. I thought it was kind of weird,” eighteen-year Theo Quartey admits. Theo, an international student at the Salisbury School, has had to adjust to many aspects of life in the Northeast, from the bitter cold winters of Connecticut, where the campus is located, to the choices for school meals.



My alternative break made an impact

In my final year at UC San Diego, I led a group of 14 fellow students on a volunteer program through Cross-Cultural Solutions in Cartago, Costa Rica. We were looking for an experience that would be memorable, and more than just a typical spring break. Safety and pre-departure support were also top priorities for us since we were students and even had a few first-time travelers in the group. And this is how I found Cross-Cultural Solutions.

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