Get off the tourist path with Cross-Cultural Solutions

For an international volunteer, there are few moments more invigorating and fulfilling than those that take you off the tourist path. They offer a rare glimpse into a new country and culture, and rare insights into yourself, as well.

When you volunteer abroad with Cross-Cultural Solutions, each day brings new opportunities to get off the tourist path. Here are a few special moments experienced by some of the staff here at Cross-Cultural Solutions during their volunteer abroad adventures.

Will there be time to travel while I’m volunteering abroad?

Free time is just another amazing part of your full experience with CCS. On some afternoons, most evenings, and all weekends, you can spend your time relaxing in the Home-Base, getting to know the community better, or embarking on some pretty incredible adventures in your chosen region or throughout the country! You may also choose to travel before or after the program, but this may affect the tax-deductibility of your airfare. Learn more about what's included in the CCS experience, and for some great ideas of what you can do during your free time abroad.

Read more about what CCS volunteers choose to do during free time on the CCS blog.

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