I will remember: Volunteering with the elderly in Costa Rica

Today was an extremely emotional day for me at the nursing home. Justin and I spent some time assisting residents at breakfast and then went directly to the laundry room to help out there. Our time didn’t last long there though as we were called outside to play games with the residents. We got our old dominoes pals together and played several games of dominoes.


Volunteering in Costa Rica - My best memories

When I was about 11, I used to visit my grandmother at a nursing home nearby. It's a very vivid memory for me, and one that isn't entirely pleasant. When I was asked to select my top two volunteer assignments for my Cross-Cultural Solutions program in Cartago, Costa Rica, I thought about it for quite a while, and decided that this was my moment to try again, and get out of my comfort zone (just a bit). I told Danielle, my Program Specialist, that I really wanted to work with the elderly.


What our partner organizations have to say about CCS volunteers

In my last blog post, I focused on the community impact data collected from our local partner organizations through the Cross-Cultural Solutions Partner Program Survey. And since I promised to share some of the universal trends and amazing quotes that best illustrate these trends, I'm back with a few of my favorites.


International volunteering with the elderly

A community's elders are its deepest roots, a living connection to every generation. Whether CCS volunteers are trading stories with a new friend, serving meals, or leading a fun activity, they find that working with the elderly allows them to connect to their new community in a very special way. Volunteering with the elderly population is an incredibly fun and fulfilling way to immerse yourself in a new culture, and we want to tell you why!

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