Choosing a Volunteer Program to Teach English in Africa

You know two things: You keep finding your gaze drift over to the continent of Africa as you search for your next big adventure, and you're certain that teaching English abroad is the way that you want to make your impact. When you teach English in Africa with Cross-Cultural Solutions, you're supporting our partner organizations in their efforts to provide better access to education for children and adults alike. But you may be wondering, "How can I choose between Morocco and Tanzania?" These are the right questions to ask; Africa is a massive and incredibly diverse continent.


Get off the tourist path with Cross-Cultural Solutions

For an international volunteer, there are few moments more invigorating and fulfilling than those that take you off the tourist path. They offer a rare glimpse into a new country and culture, and rare insights into yourself, as well.

When you volunteer abroad with Cross-Cultural Solutions, each day brings new opportunities to get off the tourist path. Here are a few special moments experienced by some of the staff here at Cross-Cultural Solutions during their volunteer abroad adventures.


Cross-Cultural Solutions as a "solo" woman traveler

When I decided to volunteer in Morocco with Cross-Cultural Solutions, I wouldn't let anything stand in my way. Due to the usual scheduling craziness, none of my friends were able to come along, so I decided to enroll with CCS as a solo volunteer. But the beautiful thing about CCS is that even if your fellow volunteers aren't your old friends, you're never really going it alone. In fact, chances are, you're about to meet some brand new, soon to be "old friends."


Sustainable volunteer work in Africa: What's it like?

Cross-Cultural Solutions intentionally uses a model of sustainable volunteerism. Since the word sustainable gets thrown around a lot, it's important to really understand what it means. More than that, it will shed light on what your experience volunteering abroad with us might look like. To start, sit back and relax because I want to share a little slice of my own experience. This past December, I volunteered in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.


Add Some CCS Flavor To Your Thanksgiving

It’s November 20th and that can only mean one thing: it’s time to do some serious cooking for a rowdy house full of your closest friends and family. That’s right, it’s Thanksgiving!

If your family is anything like mine, everyone probably has their signature dish that they bring along year after year. But perhaps there’s room for something deliciously different this time around?



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