Top 5 Places to Visit in Guatemala

Guatemala is such a hidden gem in Central America, with so much to see and learn! From the rich culture of Mayan and European influence, to the amazing food--always including fresh corn tortillas and black beans, to the stark contrast between the rich and the poor, more impacted by the recent civil war…..Guatemala hosts some of the most beautiful scenery I’ve ever encountered, as well as some of the best history and cultural lessons. Here’s what you HAVE to see on a trip to the “Land of Eternal Spring.”


Meet Mohamed, CCS Morocco Country Director

As Cross-Cultural Solutions Director of Programs, it's my job to keep in close contact with all of our in-country directors and ensure that all of our expert teams around the globe are up-to-date on the latest standards in volunteer safety and security. Over the next few months, I'd like to take some time to introduce you to our country directors as well as talk a bit more about what makes each destination safe and special.


My family is a Cross-Cultural Solutions volunteer family

When my children Emilie and Marc were teens, we decided to volunteer as a family with Cross-Cultural Solutions in Lima, Peru. CCS offered Emilie and Marc the freedom to have their own volunteer assignments. This means that they were able to have their own independent adventures at their volunteer sites during the day, and each night at dinner, we'd all sit down and share our stories.

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