Improving Dental Hygiene

The CCS public health dental initiative launched in Ghana just before New Year’s, with volunteers working at the Blidokope Primary School in the Adaklu community of the Volta Region. Volunteers served families from this village who earn incomes as peasant farmers and weavers, and rarely, if ever, have the opportunity to visit a dentist or receive dental care education.


Physical Therapy in Ghana

Jessica Rios, a Physical Therapy student, from Illinois Central College (ICC) was always interested in traveling internationally, but hadn’t had many opportunities to do so. She wanted to find an experience that offered her first-hand insight in the field of healthcare so that she could have a firm grasp on how different countries approach and overcome systemic challenges in the healthcare system.


Salisbury School's Visit to Ghana


“I didn’t really like eating American salad when I came to Salisbury. I thought it was kind of weird,” eighteen-year Theo Quartey admits. Theo, an international student at the Salisbury School, has had to adjust to many aspects of life in the Northeast, from the bitter cold winters of Connecticut, where the campus is located, to the choices for school meals.



Food for thought

Food is far more than fuel for our bodies—it reveals something significant about our cultural heritage and brings us together around the table. CCS volunteers consistently rave about the food at the Home-Base. CCS cooks are also trained in safe food preparation and cooking for a variety of dietary preferences, restrictions, and allergies. Check out these volunteer reviews and cultural factoids for our nine country destinations!


Medical Internships

At age 20 I flew to Accra, Ghana with the hopes of completing my undergraduate internship requirements. My young, naive self had no idea what was really in store for me. I volunteered at a rural hospital and learned how to do blood tests for Malaria, Yellow Fever, and HIV. As I dreamed of becoming an American Medical Doctor, this was an exciting learning opportunity. Still, I was unaware of how much I was truly learning.



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