Visit the Wonders of the World with Cross-Cultural Solutions

The Seven Wonders of the World are some of the most sought-after travel experiences around, and lucky for you, Cross-Cultural Solutions offers volunteer opportunities within traveling distance of some of these epic sites. So if you're trying to figure out just where to kick off your life of international exploration and volunteer travel, why not start with one of these.


What our partner organizations have to say about CCS volunteers

In my last blog post, I focused on the community impact data collected from our local partner organizations through the Cross-Cultural Solutions Partner Program Survey. And since I promised to share some of the universal trends and amazing quotes that best illustrate these trends, I'm back with a few of my favorites.


Memories of international volunteering with Cross-Cultural Solutions

Today is a day to celebrate Cross-Cultural Solutions alumni for all that they’ve accomplished as international volunteers. In recognition of their awesomeness, we’ve invited everyone who has volunteered with CCS to dust off their memories and share them with the world!

Find out how their CCS experiences changed them …

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