Providing Early Childhood Education at Fatima Al Fihriya Elementary School

Join Us In the Launch of the CCS Summer Camp in Morocco

Volunteer abroad in Morocco with Cross-Cultural Solutions and help improve literacy

While schools are out for the summer, our CCS volunteers will be developing and implementing a full day camp, geared towards the children of Azrou who come from lower-class families. During the long summer weeks, there is no local infrastructure available for these children. There is also a private school trend nationwide that is causing underprivileged children to fall behind their peers who have access to better, more consistent educational tools. This camp aims to narrow that disparity by providing a fun, safe environment for kids to challenge themselves, learn more about their world, and inspire a lasting interest in their education.

Summer Camp Dates: June 27-July 25, 2020
Ages of Students: 6-13

  • ENGLISH- Having a developed base in the English language can significantly help students reach higher levels of education and achieve their dreams. Parents in Azrou are eager to give this opportunity to their kids and help them get ahead for the coming school year. This camp is geared towards underprivileged children who don't have the opportunity to travel during the summer months. Increasing their capacities in English will help them keep up with their peers and have a higher interest in continuing their studies far beyond elementary school.
  • STEM- Along weekly themes, volunteers will lead Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math activities that build off of the vocabulary learned in their morning English lessons. Using hands-on techniques to experiment with materials that are sourced locally, the camp-goers will be challenged to think critically about the world around them.
  • PHYSICAL EDUCATION- It's never too early to learn life skills like sharing and caring for others as well as yourself. We will be focusing on team-building, the importance of exercise, and FUN with activities that get kids moving and working together. Think acro-yoga meets relay race, or get your own gears turning and invent a brand new game for us to play!
  • ART- Creativity is lacking in the local curriculum that is historically built on rote memorization. More and more parents are understanding the need for their kids to express themselves and think outside of the box, and that's where we come in! We will lead arts and crafts activities that encourage the kids to express their own idea of beauty, push their artistic boundaries, or create an educational art project along the weekly theme. Are you ready for paper-mâché and homemade kazoos?

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