Cross-Cultural Solutions study abroad in Costa Rica

Study Abroad Program

A Service-Centered Semester in Costa Rica

The CCS Study Abroad program combines serious volunteer service with coursework in Spanish language, Latin American culture, and community engagement through the pedagogy of service learning. This is an opportunity for you to better understand critical social issues by working alongside professionals and community leaders, to hone your cross-cultural communication skills, to expand your knowledge about Latin America, to utilize best practices of community engagement and sustainability, and to develop your sense of global citizenship.

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Study Abroad Program

Cultural Studies

Students gain an inside perspective of the community by participating in meaningful cultural exchange, immersive activities, and coursework in Spanish.

Spanish Language

Students attend beginner, intermediate, or advanced Spanish language courses two days per week through the Universidad de Costa Rica (UCR).

Community Engagement

Community engagement through the pedagogy of service learning. Students volunteer 20-25 hours per week, totaling 200-300 hours per semester!

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Are you an educator or career services officer wanting to encourage your students to gain real-world international experience? Want to inspire them to become local and global change agents? Consider CCS Study Abroad; service combined with related and contextual coursework, and language studies, while living in the community, makes for one very special program.

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Medical Internship - A Life-Changing Experience

At age 20 I flew to Accra, Ghana with the hopes of completing my undergraduate internship requirements. My young, naive self had no idea what was really in store for me. I volunteered at a rural hospital and learned how to do blood tests for Malaria, Yellow Fever, and HIV. As I dreamed of becoming an American Medical Doctor, this was an exciting learning opportunity. Still, I was unaware of how much I was truly learning.

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