Welcome home from your Cross-Cultural Solutions program!

We hope you had a fulfilling volunteer experience and enjoyed exploring your host country! Please help us illuminate the CCS experience by sharing some of your best photos and videos, and/or answering some of the brief questions below. You are not required to fill the entire form for your submission—just whatever inspires you.

These submissions are invaluable for our media purposes. If any of your content is selected for future CCS materials, we will apply a $100 credit towards a future CCS program and notify you via email.

Thank you!

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Your Story

What inspired you to volunteer abroad?
What is one fear you had before you left for your program and how did you overcome this fear?
Which member of the CCS in-country staff did you connect with the most? Why?
What is one assumption you had about the country before you left that changed while you were there?
Who is the person at your volunteer placement or a member of the local community that you will never forget? Why?
What is one moment in particular that moved you during your volunteer experience?
What cultural activity did you learn the most from? Why?
What was it like when you returned home? Did you feel like you had changed? If so, can you provide an example of how?

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