Welcome home from your Cross-Cultural Solutions program!

We hope you had a fulfilling experience volunteering and exploring the culture and the country. Please help us illuminate the ‘CCS experience’ by sharing some of your best photos (5-10) and answering ‘some’ or ‘any of the’ brief questions below. (even better if the photo relates to a comment) These submissions are invaluable for our social media and promotional purposes.

If we use any of your content in future CCS promotional materials, we will apply a $100 credit towards a future CCS program for you.

Thank you!

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Describe a moment, an individual, or your overall experience volunteering? What did you gain from that interaction?
Describe your favorite thing(s) about the home-base experience?
Describe your favorite cultural learning activity or weekend excursion. Why was it impact full?
What were the ‘take-aways’ from your CCS experience?
How do you think the CCS experience impacted your path once you returned home?
Why would you recommend a CCS volunteer program for students and school groups?
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