Hi friends & family,

While I love eating and drinking in fabulous world-class cosmopolitan cities for work and pleasure, I have been wanting a “different” vacation for some time: Different culture, different pace and to connect with folks in a different walk of life.

As most of you know, I was a volunteer with Amigos de las Americas in high school (admittedly a very long time ago) and LOVED my time in rural Mexico and the Dominican Republic. I looked for a program similar to Amigos; a program where (although I’m not a high school kid) I can volunteer for community service in another (Spanish-speaking) culture. I found Cross-Cultural Solutions.

Starting on March 21, I will spend 2 weeks in Lima, Peru. I will learn more about what I get to do specifically in the coming weeks, but I’ll be helping improve education for children with individualized classroom support and English language lessons. I will also spend time with elderly; home visits kind of like Meals on Wheels, it sounds like. I will get to work alongside Peruvian locals with these community development projects. Fun!

They say I’ll change the lives of others for the better. At the very least, I expect to get to live somewhat like a local, not a tourist, with full language and cultural immersion.

Sounds cool? Good. If you think it really sounds cool, you may contribute to this cause! Donations are 100% tax deductible (and I agreed to raise $3200). :)


100% FUNDED!