Contract Duration: 12 - 24 months
Location: Greece

How to Apply: Please submit a copy of your resume and a 1-2 minute video cover letter to

Greece/Refugee Program Specialist:
The Program Specialist (PS) role is one of the only Cross-Cultural Solutions positions for non-locals to work directly alongside the on-the-ground teams. The PS works to empower and prepare volunteers to make meaningful impact on their program and works along our local staff and Program Managers to support the goals defined by our community partners.

You Are Responsible For
- Working with enrolled volunteers to get them prepared by phone, email, chat, and Facebook. (Think: anything and everything a first time traveler might need to know)
- Updating content & creating new materials for your program sites.
- Maintaining volunteer database, volunteer list, and processing volunteer paperwork.
- Provide support during in-country volunteer emergencies.
- Continuous training on program sites with interns.
- Recruitment coverage, as necessary. (Cross-training is important around here)

Requirements for Crushing It:
- You are passionate about service work, live for volunteering, and believe cultural understanding makes this world a better place. (A passion for international travel, is simply not enough)
- You have an eye for detail. (Where’s Waldo is a walk in the park and you can find his missing articles of clothing with ease.)
- Patience for days- you’ll be holding the hands of teen parents and answering loads of questions from nervous first time travelers.
- You are self-motivated. You’ll be surrounded by distractions but the work must get done!
- You can take ownership of a new project & run wild with new ideas.

Bonus Points For:
- Experience in customer service (food service, yes food service)
- Skills managing professional Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat
- You speak a 2nd language- bonus points if it is Arabic, Kurdish, Spanish..
- Thriving in a fast past environment that requires oodles of flexibility. (we’re talking yoga guru minus the zen)
- You’re a pro at Salesforce reports & a master artist using Canva.
- You have a cult like following on your blog.

Compensation & Logistics:
- Accommodations in homestay or communal apartment & board provided
- Monthly stipend for living expenses
- Emergency Travel Health Insurance provided
- Office in Home-base
- Mid-term site visit to another CCS program
- Flight to/from training week provided, as needed
- Flight to/from program location at beginning/end of contract
- Visa costs

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