Cross-Cultural Solutions programs include lodging at a CCS Home-Base in the community where you will be volunteering. Shared occupancy—four to six volunteers per room in bunk-beds—is the standard. At some program sites, however, double and single occupancy rooms may be available.

Volunteers who choose to reserve a double-occupancy room will be placed with another CCS volunteer of the same gender unless they reserve the room with a fellow volunteer. Double-occupancy rooms typically contain a bunk bed and shared common areas, including bathrooms, with other volunteers. Family members and individuals of the same gender are able to guarantee the same double-occupancy room provided that each volunteer reserves this individually.
Single-occupancy rooms are only available in Guatemala, and are only during the months of September through December.

Double or single occupancy rooms are sometimes assigned to volunteers who have not reserved this space, but room assignments are never guaranteed if not reserved. Single occupancy rooms are not always available and double occupancy rooms are limited, so we encourage you to reserve your space early if you are interested in either of these options.

To guarantee your space in a single-occupancy room, there is an additional fee of US$75 (£UK47, CAN$75) per week, and to guarantee your space in a double-occupancy room, there is an additional fee of US$50 (£UK32, CAN$50) per person per week. Please contact a Program Advisor or your Program Site Specialist to reserve this space.

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