CCS policies are designed to keep CCS volunteers safe, and help ensure that your experience is effective and impactful, with a focus on international volunteer work. All volunteers are asked to agree to these policies in writing before their program.

Please note that breaking one of these important CCS policies could result in the termination of your volunteer program. In some cases, dependent on the severity of the infraction, a warning may be administered; in other cases that CCS deems more serious, an immediate termination may be issued.

Please review the in-country volunteer policies carefully:

Drug & Alcohol Policy
In all program locations, and for all volunteers, consumption of alcohol is not allowed for any volunteers under the age of 21 (the age limit of 25 applies in India, in accordance with local law), and is never permitted in the CCS Home-Base. In Costa Rica specifically, no alcohol may be consumed at all on the program, due to sensitivities in the local community. Use of illegal drugs or abuse of medications will not be tolerated.

Donations & Gift-Giving Policy
CCS programs are designed to empower communities, and work to meet the needs determined and led by the local communities. Unfortunately, giving donations and gifts at your volunteer work assignment can undermine these goals as charity, not empowerment. Therefore, donations or gifts cannot be given at your volunteer work assignment.

In some program locations, a curfew is set for CCS volunteers, to ensure that all volunteers are well-rested before their volunteer work, and for your safety. **Please note that High School Volunteer Abroad participants are on a fully supervised program, and as such, will not have unsupervised free time.

Sexual Relations
Volunteers are not permitted to engage in sexual relations with other volunteers, in-country staff members, or community members as part of the CCS program.

Motor Vehicles
Volunteers are not permitted to ride in or operate motorcycles, ATVs, or quads as part of the CCS program.

No weapons are permitted at the CCS Home-Base at any time.

High School Volunteer Abroad participants are asked to agree to a Code of Conduct for our programs, which demonstrates their understanding of the policies and expectations of Cross-Cultural Solutions for an effective international volunteer experience.

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