What makes the CCS Home-Base so special

When I arrived at the Cross-Cultural Solutions Home-Base in Dharamsala, India last month, I instantly felt at home. The CCS Dharamsala team introduced themselves and shared a bit of their respective stories as we all sipped chai tea in the cozy living room. After we finished our tea, introductions, and a quick Home-Base tour, I went into the bedroom that I'd be sharing with a fellow volunteer and began to unpack and settle in. It's amazing to think back and remember how in just 3 short weeks, every part of it felt like home.


How volunteering helped me find my career path

In the fall of 2009, I was about to return to college after taking several years off to travel. I was at a pretty major crossroads in my life and not entirely sure about what I wanted to study, or what I wanted to do once I earned my degree. So before returning to school in the fall, I decided to go on one last international adventure. And I wanted this one to be something completely different from anything I had ever done before. That's how I made the decision to volunteer with Cross-Cultural Solutions in Bagamoyo, Tanzania for 3 weeks.


Volunteering in India: My incredible experience

This time last year, after a 14-hour direct flight, I landed in India. The first person that I met at the airport was the CCS driver, Sunil. His smile and warm welcome were exactly what I needed after such a long flight! He eagerly greeted me, loaded me (and my bags) into the air-conditioned van, and we were off! I felt a rush of excitement as I stared out of the van window in wonderment: markets, farm animals, and busy people on the streets. India's beautiful chaos is something that I've tried to describe a million times to a million people, but you really just need to see it for yourself.


Volunteer abroad for a fresh perspective

Volunteering with Cross-Cultural Solutions is an incredibly effective way to take a step back and evaluate the path you've chosen. Whether you're interested in taking a career break abroad, you're a recent grad ready to experience the life of an international volunteer, or you're just trying to figure out your next big move, the CCS experience offers you an opportunity to shake things up, and change everything.



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