Meet Mohamed, CCS Morocco Country Director

As Cross-Cultural Solutions Director of Programs, it's my job to keep in close contact with all of our in-country directors and ensure that all of our expert teams around the globe are up-to-date on the latest standards in volunteer safety and security. Over the next few months, I'd like to take some time to introduce you to our country directors as well as talk a bit more about what makes each destination safe and special.


End-of-year ways to save

It's almost 2014 and whether you've already put down your deposit and are preparing for your life-changing volunteer experience with Cross-Cultural Solutions, or you're dreaming of ways to make 2014 the year you achieve your goal of becoming an international game-changer, we've got some helpful tips for you! This post is dedicated specifically to helping you find end-of-year ways to save up for your CCS program.


On my 65th birthday, I became an international volunteer

For my very first Cross-Cultural Solutions experience, I was in Tanzania celebrating my 65th birthday. I spent several weeks teaching at a local juvenile detention center. It was the hardest, and most wonderful thing I've ever done. I arrived in Moshi thinking that I would be teaching English to the boys at the center, and nothing more. But what an awakening! And just like any other international volunteer will tell you, I'm sure I learned more from those boys than they learned from me.



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