Meet Mohamed, CCS Morocco Country Director

As Cross-Cultural Solutions Director of Programs, it's my job to keep in close contact with all of our in-country directors and ensure that all of our expert teams around the globe are up-to-date on the latest standards in volunteer safety and security.

Over the next few months, I'd like to take some time to introduce you to our country directors as well as talk a bit more about what makes each destination safe and special. So without further ado, meet Mohamed Mhmmoudi:

Morocco is a true melting pot and offers a rich history, complex traditions, and sights that you've likely only ever dreamed of. It's an incredibly warm and inviting culture, and you don't have to take my word for it. In 2013, the World Economic Forum named Morocco #3 in the world for its friendly attitude toward tourists.

That said, there's always a bit of hesitancy when visiting a new place, and that's completely natural. However, Morocco has been, and continues to be an incredibly stable and safe place to travel. Known for its favorable monarchy, Morocco's king works to promotes human rights, religions freedoms, and job creation. And because all of these efforts align with what the Moroccan people are asking for, it in turn contributes to the country's ongoing stability.

Learn more about volunteer opportunities in Morocco. And be sure to contact one of our expert Program Specialists if you have any questions at all about safety and security as it relates to Morocco, or any of our other volunteer destinations.


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