My experience volunteering in Brazil

During my time volunteering in Salvador, Brazil as a member of the Eli Lilly and Company corporate volunteer group, I kept a personal journal. I wanted to share with you just a snippet of a "day in the life" of a CCS volunteer, in hopes that perhaps you'll be inspired to do the same someday. Happy reading!

Volunteering in Brazil

When we arrive at Frutos, the kids will be eating a breakfast type meal or snack before coming in to the classroom. Maruful and I have established a nice structure to the days. We take role call and then start working on ABCs, first saying and then tracing a section of the letters. Today will be Q and R. When I wonder if we are making a difference or seeing progress, I realize we do and they are. Yesterday was the first day all of the students brought their papers up to me for help writing their names, for praises ("Parabens!", "Muito bem!", "Que bonito!"), for picking a smiley face sticker, and for instructions to take their prized work home.

The woman who runs Frutos is a saint. She has boundless patience and the children truly listen to her. She works tirelessly and diligently, knowing each child's name and caring for each one. Her resources are limited, but it is clear she does the best she can with what she has.

Each moment of every day of my CCS experience opened my eyes to something new in the world, and in myself. And the most important part was really knowing that I was making a difference. I'm so happy that Eli Lilly and Company offers employees this opportunity! Learn more about how your company can promote corporate volunteering with CCS.


I am really moved by the work u are doing and will like to share my experiences with others in Ghana ,Tanzania Guatemala or where ever.
Posted at 8:59pm on September 19th, 2013
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