Break out of the traditional classroom and develop your global skills through a service-focused international internship. Learn from top experts in the field, work alongside inspiring community members, and experience a new culture through an internationally-recognized Intern Abroad program.

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CCS international internships are designed for students ages 18 and older seeking a real-world, globally-minded experience in their chosen field. As a CCS intern, you’ll become part of a team of dedicated and experienced professionals who provide unique opportunities to learn, explore, understand, and change critical social issues impacting communities around the world. As you engage in your global internship, you’ll hone your cross-cultural communication skills and expand your knowledge through meaningful service. Learn and serve in Ghana, Guatemala, India, or Peru where your work will be complemented by engaging Cultural & Learning Activities and incredible opportunities for independent exploration.

When you include Cross-Cultural Solutions—the most recognizable name in the field of international volunteering—on your resume, you'll stand out as a driven, socially responsible leader. We offer our interns the type of international leadership, learning, and service opportunities that top employers, graduate schools, and universities are seeking. Your unique understanding of your field, global issues, and impacts will set you apart from your peers in an increasingly global workplace.

It’s more than an internship. It’s the experience of a lifetime, a chance to make a difference, learn, and immerse yourself in another culture. Start your CCS journey today!


Global Health Internships

Individuals looking to take charge of their own health struggle with the absence of up-to-date information and educational resources. As a CCS Global Health Intern, you’ll explore the challenges in building equitable public health systems and structures to meet the unique needs of community members--especially for marginalized and neglected populations. You will break down stigmas and stereotypes and help educate and empower communities by assisting with community outreach programs, participatory research, and efforts to improve access to resources and information. Specifically, you will enhance health by examining the core challenges of improving sanitation and providing educational resources for communities struggling with malaria. Your work with a community mentor will make a positive difference in the well-being of communities as you’re gaining experience-based insights into some of the world’s most pervasive health challenges. For more information, download brochure.

Duration: 6-12 weeks
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> Ghana > India, Dharamsala


Social Work Internships & Practicums

Sustainable change begins with a community-focused approach to empowerment and education. During a CCS internship or practicum, you will learn about the development and the sustainability of community responses to social needs, utilize conceptual frameworks to explore the rights of children and families, support campaigns to de-stigmatize HIV/AIDS, and increase the accessibility and accuracy of reproductive and postnatal health resources. As you focus on the macro components of social work in communities, you’ll become an advocate for positive social change, gaining important experience in leadership, problem solving, and social innovation.

Our internships and practicums leverage CCS’s enduring presence in the communities where we work. Our Country Directors, themselves social work experts, ensure that participants make a difference by supporting and contributing to sustainable strategies designed by and for the community. CCS offers the opportunity to work side-by-side with local people to support community-led organizations, such as childcare centers, schools, health clinics and hospitals, homes for the elderly, centers for people with disabilities, and other local initiatives. For more information, download our brochure.

Duration: 6-12 weeks
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> Ghana


Economic Development Internships

The most productive way to address economic inequality and scarcity of resources is to focus on wealth-creating opportunities that will empower community members. You will support sustainable aid initiatives by providing tools for financial literacy and business development to individuals looking to improve their lives and communities. As a CCS Economic Development Intern, you’ll gain international experience and develop skills in finance, marketing, and sustainable business practices by working with a community mentor. There are many creative opportunities for you to hone your leadership skills and explore social innovation--for instance, you can consult with local microfinance organizations and small businesses to introduce income-generating activities, improve general business practices, assist with marketing and public relations campaigns, help implement a community savings program, improve financial literacy education, or plan cultural-environmental education campaigns to help global communities thrive. Download Cross-Cultural Solutions Supervision Specifics

Duration: 6-12 weeks
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> Ghana

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