Here at CCS, we've got some pretty sweet discounts that we're happy to offer to eligible volunteers. Read on for more details and to find out if you qualify. Please let us know if you've got any questions. We're here to help!


With over 35,000 alumni in the CCS family, we've got quite a few folks all over the globe. To thank you for getting others on board, we happily offer a discount to any volunteer who enrolls friends or family. Here's how it works: one person will be designated as the Main Contact. For each additional friend or family member enrolled who is a first time volunteer, the main contact receives a discount. In order for the discount to be applied, each newly enrolled volunteer must provide the Main Contact's name.

A US$262 discount is applied to the main contact's program contribution for every person that he or she brings along to the same destination, up to two people.

Here's the total discount amount based on the number of volunteers referred by the Main Contact:

  • 1 person: US$262
  • 2 people: US$524

For the High School Volunteer Abroad program ONLY, the individual who referred the volunteer and the referred volunteer will BOTH receive a Companion Discount of $200.

This discount is not available for the refugee program in Greece. Volunteers in Greece receive a $100 discount for each person they bring, up to 2 people. For groups of 4 or more, each volunteer receives a special 2-week program fee of $1850.

Important Notes: To be eligible for this discount, all participants must travel to the same destination and either be on the same program start date or overlap with one another while in-country. Families with 3 or fewer people are eligible for this discount. This discount only applies to referrals of friends and family that are first time CCS volunteers. See below for the CCS Family/Friend Discount, which applies to families/friends of 4 or more traveling together. This discount can only be combined with the alumni discount, if eligible, but cannot be combined with any other discount.


CCS encourages alumni to re-enroll for another CCS volunteer adventure by offering a discount of US$262 off your next program.

Alumni discount is not available for our program in Greece


CCS alumni who have already participated in three programs are eligible for a discount of 10% off the full program contribution. We can't wait for you to join us again on another CCS adventure!

Important Notes: See the Companion Discount for notes on what companions are eligible for this type of discount. This discount cannot be combined with any other discounts or special pricing, except for the Companion Discount. Families of 4 or more with special family pricing, groups with group pricing, and volunteers participating in the Greece refugee program are not eligible for this discount. Gap Year volunteers enrolling in the CCS Gap Year program are eligible for one discount of $262 on the full program.


For participants who enroll in multiple programs at the same time, CCS will apply the Alumni Discount for each additional program after the first. To see eligibility for this discount, please see the Alumni Discount.


CCS defines a child as a participant 12 years old and under as of program start date, who does not have an individual volunteer assignment. Children traveling on the CCS program receive a discount of US$700. For more information, please refer to our Age Policy. This discount cannot be combined with the family discount, designed for families of 4 or more.


CCS loves families and friends who participate on our programs together. Groups of 4 or more traveling together to the same destination on the same start date are eligible for the following special pricing, which applies to each member, regardless of age:

Families of 4 or more: $1550 per person, per week, plus $990 for each additional week
Families of 6 or more: $1250 per person, per week, plus $990 for each additional week
Plus, main contact travels for free!

Discounts are not applicable for our programs in Greece.


Plenty of groups travel with us each year, so we've got this down to a science. Just email our Group Specialist at to discuss your options for start dates (we've got tons), destinations (got plenty of those, too), and program length (one to 12 weeks). When you're ready to enroll, we'll put you on the phone with a specialist for the destination your group has selected. For more information regarding academic groups, please email our Group Specialists at or call us at 1-914-632-002.

Important Notes: A group is defined as six or more people traveling to the same program site, beginning their program on the same start date, and staying for the same duration. The Group Discount must be approved by the Group Specialist prior to enrollment. Group discounts are not available for our program in Greece.


Volunteers requesting a single room in Greece may do so at an additional fee of $20 per night.

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