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Impact Areas

Child Education
In primary schools in Dharamsala, rote memorization is the primary teaching method, and the building infrastructure is poor, with sanitation and nutrition being primary challenges. Students are too often unsupported by both parents and teachers in meeting higher educational goals, as the local employment opportunities are primary made up of skilled and unskilled labor. Volunteers make a significant difference in both primary and early childhood education settings by introducing creative and engaging activities and teaching methods, as well as English language lessons, to support young students in achieving a solid footing in their educational path to continue to secondary school, and beyond.

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Child Health
While health care facilities are available across the Himalaya region, families often struggle to reach clinics in time to meet their healthcare needs due to the mountainous terrain. Complicating health challenges, sanitation facilities are often lacking or non-existent, leading to an increased spread of disease. In primary schools across the region, WASH stations are needed to improve the health and safety of students and to improve their overall health. As volunteers implementing this project, you will leave a lasting impact with a quality hands-on project while educating children on basic sanitation and waste management.

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Home to the Dalai Lama, a vibrant Indian community, and several thousand Tibetan refugees, the misty highlands of Dharamsala are a stark contrast to the buzzing cities found elsewhere in India. Dharamsala's mountainside perch among the clouds gives this rural locale a moving and mysterial quality. A land of contrasts, India is the largest democracy in the world, and a multi-religious and multi-cultural country, but also suffers from extreme poverty and poor sanitation in schools and across communities. As a volunteer in Dharamsala with CCS, you’ll work to support children’s education – a powerful mission in one of the world’s most awe-inspiring, historically significant settings.


Population Below Poverty Line
24% under $1.25
Human Development Index Ranking
130 / 188 countries
Average Schooling for Girls
3 years less than boys
Maternal Mortality Rate
190 / 100,000
Voices from the Community
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"People like you have given us hope that our children will not go through the same hardships and live in these same conditions as us."

"CCS volunteers have, for many years, been an integral part of our organization. They help us meet our goals by teaching women skills that make a significant positive impact on their lives."

"Interacting with people from new cultures is an enriching experience for the children, and gives them a rare opportunity to be exposed to a world outside of the community."

"The volunteers help to bridge the gap between our organization and the community. They help to get the community interested in the important work that we do."

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Your Dharamsala Staff

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Committed to supporting the youth of India through social and economic empowerment, Ragland brings 28 years of experience in community-based child, women, and youth development through programming across the country. A graduate of Madurai Kamaraj University, Ragland is an internationally-recognized development professional with experience in government and non-government agencies to develop programs aligning with Sustainable Development Goals and hosting seminars globally on child rights and child development. Join forces with a renowned development professional to make a sustainable impact in India while deeply immersing yourself in it's varied culture.
Country Staff

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