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Welcome to the Atlas Mountains, Morocco

High School Volunteer Opportunities in the Atlas Mountains, Morocco

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As a High School Volunteer Abroad in Morocco, you’ll be welcomed warmly to a traditional town of Azrou in the Atlas Mountains with your team of global change-makers.

Whether you choose between two, three, and four-week sessions on any of the start dates listed below, you’ll be sharing the experience with a group of your peers, all ages 14-18, and like you, they’ve decided that dedicating their summer to serving others abroad while learning more about themselves is a pretty cool challenge to take on.

And that healthy dose of adventure you’re craving? Don’t worry, you’ll get that too! We know it’s your summer and you want to have amazing stories and photos of the Atlas Cedar Forest, bustling markets, and traditional souks to share with your friends and family back home.

Atlas Mountains, Morocco Summer 2018 Start Dates:
June 23, July 7

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Population Below Poverty Line
4 Million
Human Development Index Ranking
126 / 188 countries
Average Schooling for Girls
4.4 years
Maternal Mortality Rate
120 / 100,000


We know you’re unique and that you have your own interests, which is why we offer specialized volunteer paths that you can choose from. Select a focus in Global Education or Sports Leadership. Follow your passion and explore how you can make the world a better place.

Sports Leadership
Playing sports adds confidence to the students in the small Berber community in the Atlas Mountains. In a school with poor facilities, you will construct a basketball center and teach the students a new sport that they are eager to learn. During a 2-hour school break mid-day, coach students in soccer and basketball to show the importance of teamwork, collaboration, and leadership on the field. Available in Morocco on the July 7, 2018 start date.

Global Education
Students at Fatima Al Fihriya have a strong desire to learn English - it improves their employment opportunities later in life, and provides an opportunity to learn from volunteers who bring new techniques and fun into the classroom. As you're providing a fun and engaging learning environment for students, you'll also be constructing bookshelves for this school, which currently does not have a library. Feel free to bring your favorite children's books in French, Arabic, or English to share with the class! Available on the June 23 start date in Morocco.

Voices from the Community
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"The children are always eagerly awaiting the arrival of the volunteers and hate to miss any time with them. As a result, the absentee rate has gone down."

"The main task of our volunteers is teaching English. And by doing this, volunteers are promoting the role of women in our society."

"Moroccans have an open heart for foreigners, and the presence of CCS volunteers in our organization has given a new energy to our work."

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