International Internships

Break out of the classroom and develop your skills through a service-focused internship.

CCS international internships are designed for university students seeking a real-world, globally-minded service experience. As a CCS intern, you’ll become part of a team of dedicated and experienced professionals who provide unique opportunities to learn, explore, understand, and change critical social issues impacting communities around the world.

International Internships


As a CCS Intern, impactful service comes first. Interns choose our program because they want to make a difference, and they know our on-the-ground expertise is set up to facilitate the most meaningful work. In fact, the Wall Street Journal has compared our program to the Peace Corps, and indeed there a many similarities.


Not only will you learn and develop skills during your internship, you will be authentically immersed into another culture far beyond a tourist perspective. Wherever you go and whatever you do, you’ll experience a cultural adventure to expand your horizons and perspective.


Through CCS, you’ll gain experience in your chosen field in a truly unique context. With local experts, you’ll engage in both practice and problem-solving. All the while, your experience will set you apart as the socially responsible and globally minded professional that leading employers seek.

International Internship Opportunities

Child Health in Ghana

Child Education in Costa Rica

Social Work with Refugees

International Internships

Where We Work

Why CCS?

Cross-Cultural Solutions international internships are for students seeking real-world global experience in their chosen field of interest. Grounded in community service, our internships provide unique and dynamic opportunities to learn, explore, and address critical social issues impacting communities around the world. Here are four core components of every Cross-Cultural Solutions program.


Are you an educator or career services officer wanting to encourage your students to gain real-world international experience? Want to inspire them to become local and global change agents? Your students can complete a professional internship by volunteering abroad, allowing them to build their skills and help build a better world!

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