We want you to remain healthy on our programs, so we advise all CCSers to think about any medications they’re taking or might need during an international volunteer program, under the advice of your medical practitioner. Keep in mind that not all medications may be available in your destination, so we’ve included some tips to ensure you’re well-stocked for your CCS experience:

• Ensure that you have sufficient medication to cover your entire trip. If you need documentation from CCS about your trip length for your doctor or insurance provider to obtain the appropriate amount of medication, please let us know. Remember, in some locations, you cannot send medications through the mail – so please take special care to plan for your health needs while abroad.

• Medication should be brought in your carry-on luggage, in original packaging with original labels. It’s just too important to trust to your checked bags!

• Consult with a medical professional before your trip about your medication schedule in a new time zone and any drug interactions with travel immunizations or medications that you might be taking. And, of course, don’t change dosage or stop taking your regular medications without the consultation and supervision of an appropriate medical professional!

Volunteers over the age of 18 are responsible for responsibly dispensing and holding their own prescription medications. For any volunteers participating in our High School Volunteer Abroad program, or for any volunteers under the age of 18 participating independently in a CCS program, all prescription medications will be held by the CCS in-country staff.

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