The CCS Volunteer Abroad program is all about giving back through meaningful, hands-on service in a CCS Project that you choose. Volunteers will be immersed in hands-on work in the community directly working with project beneficiaries each day, while learning about social issues in each community.

The CCS Intern Abroad program is designed for students looking for more of an academic focus related to a major or a career path. Like the Volunteer Abroad program, you will be working with an incredible community organization tackling important social issues in the community. However, your time at your work assignment will be balanced between volunteer service and education about your CCS internship area. While some of your time is spent in hands-on work with project beneficiaries, much of your day also involves learning from community members and experts about the systems and structures that impact your internship focus in the community.

On both experiences, you’ll be fully supported by the amazing CCS in-country staff, living in the comfortable CCS Home-Base, and you’ll be involved in unique Cultural & Learning Activities with opportunities for free time, independent exploration, and reflection.

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