Meet the High School Volunteer Abroad Documentarian of the Summer - CCS India

Each year we challenge our High School Volunteer Abroad teens to share videos of their CCS experiences as part of CCS’s “Documentarian of the Summer” contest. The inspirational videos we receive capture the spirit of our programs, volunteers and the communities that we serve so well that it’s always tough to pick just one winner.

This year’s “Documentarian of the Summer” contest winner is Rohit Padmakumar, a high school junior from Los Altos, California who highlighted his incredible adventure in Dharamsala, India in a way that moved our staff and YouTube followers.

Rohit’s experience had a profound impact on his view of the world. Before traveling to Dharamsala, Rohit knew that he wanted to volunteer with children, but he had no idea how the experience would change his life. Seeing the world through the eyes of the children he served - a world of simple pleasures and few possessions, but full of happiness and laughter- has inspired him to do more. Rohit aspires to travel to new parts of the world and continue the work he started in India educating children.

In Rohit’s video, you will see the beauty that he found in the vibrant, joyful culture of Dharamsala. Rohit’s journey inspires us all.


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