Volunteering in Morocco - Part 2

Although I've traveled the world, Rabat is unlike anywhere I've ever been. Many days, it felt more like what I pictured the Middle East to be, and less like the Africa I have come to know and love from my time in Central and Southern Africa.

But she (Morocco) has her own charm. From the winding alleyways of the medina in Fez and the crashing of the Atlantic ocean in Rabat, to the conversations about local history and the succulent tajines created by the wonderful cook at the CCS Home-Base, you'll leave Morocco with a greater understanding of the Muslim world, and a greater understanding of yourself. And just maybe, you'll settle in so deeply that you'll forget about how jarring it felt to arrive in Morocco and begin your adventure.

The beauty of travel and volunteering is the opportunity to celebrate our differences and to evolve into a more whole, more well-rounded, and more open version of ourselves. Rabat will never again feel jarring for me, because the next time I step through the doors of the CCS Home-Base and see the smiles of the staff, it will feel a bit like coming home.

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