The Live Like Ally Foundation awards multiple scholarships to students between 15 and 23 years old who intend to intern, volunteer, or participate in a service learning project while abroad. Live Like Ally is a memorial to Allison Willen, who was studying abroad in Dunedin, New Zealand, when she tragically passed away. Ally's love for people, for nature, and for life has led her family to create the foundation, which seeks to give other students the opportunity to discover the world and impact it for the better, as Ally did. The Live Like Ally Foundation will sponsor four CCS volunteers annually (one per quarter).

Read about Ally’s story on our blog: "Think Higher, Feel Deeper"
Learn more about how to apply on the LLA Foundation website.


Franco Lalama climbing a bridge

Note: This scholarship is currently open for donations and not awarding scholarships.

On September 11, 2001, Mr. Franco Lalama led the evacuation of engineering offices on the 64th floor of One World Trade Center. Surrounded by chaos, Mr. Lalama spoke the words that embodied his values: “Go ahead,” he told coworkers. “I’ll follow.” Just as he ensured the safety of thousands of commuters who crossed his bridges each day, Mr. Lalama ensured the safety of his coworkers on September 11th. In making the ultimate sacrifice, he built the ultimate sustaining structure: a bridge to survival and life.

In 2006, Mr. Lalama’s stepdaughter Marianne enrolled as a CCS volunteer in San Carlos. As a result of this life-changing experience, the Lalama family created the Franco Lalama Memorial Scholarship to benefit a place that is close to their hearts and to honor Mr. Lalama’s legacy the best way they know how—by supporting CCS efforts to build bridges between Costa Ricans and volunteers from around the world. This scholarship provides one annual recipient with financial aid toward their program fee.

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