What you'll get when you volunteer with CCS can't be found in any guidebook. The seamless transition between organic moments and structured experiences results in a completely authentic and eye-opening journey that is totally unique for every one of our intrepid volunteers. Volunteering with Cross-Cultural Solutions will allow you to immerse yourself in the local community in ways you never dreamed possible. But that's just the thing; it's all possible with CCS! Follow Olivia on her journey to find out how...

Olivia sees a friend’s photos online from her recent CCS trip. This looks likes like the perfect experience for her.

While checking out the CCS website, Olivia finds Guatemala is a great match for her interests. She enrolls online with a few easy steps.

A Program Site Specialist, or PSS -- who is also a Guatemala alum -- helps Olivia with travel logistics and makes sure she’s got all the tools she needs to be an effective volunteer.

From the moment our volunteers land in-country, everything they need for their CCS experience is provided for; quality food, safe bottled water to drink, transportation, and lodging.

Our volunteers are always greeted by a smiling CCS driver at the airport, and brought to their new home away from home.

Olivia volunteers in an under-resourced school. She loves the chance to support the local teachers and give special one-on-one attention to the kids.

CCS volunteers are immersed in Latin American culture. CCS hosts a number of Cultural Activities like cooking classes and language lessons.

During Free Time, volunteers explore the country, taking hikes and visiting villages and beaches.

Olivia reflects on her journey; the people she has connected with, the work she’s accomplished, the impact she has made in the community, and the impact the community has made on her.

Our volunteers return home with a changed perspective and brand new sense of empowerment. You’ll start to feel like you “get it.” After all, now that you’ve had the CCS experience, what can’t you do?!

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