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"Little by little, a little becomes a lot." Tanzanian Proverb

International Internship Programs In Tanzania, Africa

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During your CCS internship in Tanzania with Chagga community in Moshi, you'll be working in a landscape full of waterfalls, coffee plantations, and banana fields. You will live in the small village of Karanga, which is nestled in the shadow of Africa's most epic peak, Mount Kilimanjaro. This topographical giant is just one of the incredible wonders of nature that you'll find in the region.

Available Internships in Tanzania:
Medical Internships
Public Health Internships
Nursing Internships
Physical & Occupational Therapy Internships
Social Work Internships
Social Entrepreneurship & Microfinance Internships
Education Internships
Special Education Internships
Child Development Internships
International Development & Human Rights Internships
Environmental Sustainability Internships
Custom Internships


Avg. Annual Temp.
Local tempature
Swahili & English
Language in Kilimanjaro Tanzania Africa
National Food
Volunteer Abroad in Kilimanjaro Tanzania Africa and enjoy the amazing food
Shilling is the currency in Kilimanjaro Tanzania Africa
Hear what the community is saying about CCS!
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"One-to-one tutoring works extremely well for our disadvantaged kids. All of the volunteers give a lot of attention and love to the kids. Lot's of our students come from large, rigid families that may not pay enough attention to them. When they come to school and CCS volunteers are here, they get individual attention."

"For people in our community, not understanding basic English is the same as being illiterate. CCS volunteers do an excellent job of practicing English with our students, giving them a greater chance of future success."

"When volunteers visit the families of children impacted by HIV/AIDS, the families feel a sense of relief and solidarity."

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