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Morocco is a cup of mint tea, poured from above and shared between friends. Morocco is the sound of the call to prayer five times a day and the smell of sizzling food, well-spiced and cooking in a tagine. Morocco is a medina, hundreds of swirling narrow streets, filled with anything that any person might ever need or want to buy. Moroccans take pride in meeting travelers, sharing their culture and learning about others. The diversity of landscape in Morocco is incredible from the sands of the Sahara desert, to the coastline of fishermen, to the towering Atlas Mountains, where CCS volunteers will find themselves making an impact while learning and living among traditional Amazigh cultures.


Population Below Poverty Line
4 Million
Human Development Index Ranking
126 / 188 countries
Average Schooling for Girls
4.4 years
Maternal Mortality Rate
120 / 100,000
Voices from the Community
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"We want to support our families, but we don't always have the necessary skills to do so, and this continues the cycle of poverty in our community."

"Over the past few years, women have received encouragement from the government to form associations and cooperatives to make it easier for them to earn an income. But they cannot do it by themselves; the need outside support in order to improve their output."

"Women would like lessons in networking, marketing, language learning, team-building, and handicrafts, but also more personal focused assistance such as family planning, hygiene education, and–most importantly–encouragement and inspiration!"

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