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High School Volunteer Opportunities in Guatemala

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We know you’re unique and that you have your own interests, which is why we offer specialized volunteer paths that you can choose from. Select a focus in Global Education, Health, or Sports Leadership. Follow your passion and explore how you can make the world a better place.

Global Education
In an under resourced school in the Maya Highlands, global education volunteers will teach elementary school children important basic English vocabulary and conversation skills. Each day, volunteers will improve classroom infrastructure by creating colorful and educational murals, conduct safety trainings on a school evacuation plan, and design fun and engaging sidewalk art projects for students.
Project runs June 15- June 29, July 27- August 24

Global Health
With an underfunded health system and impoverished conditions, children in the Maya Highlands are in need of a number of public health services to improve their overall well being. Volunteers will conduct public health campaigns in schools across the region that promote hygiene and sanitation, dental care, and implement recycling programs. Volunteers will also improve school infrastructure and enrich children through creating garden spaces, complete with local plants known for their medicinal value.
Project runs July 13- July 27

Sports Leadership
Structured sports and recreation programs are essential in creating a strong and healthy educational environment for young children. Volunteers will make recess and freetime meaningful each day by leading sports camps that include volleyball and soccer practice. Volunteers will also improve school facilities with new basketball courts, create hula hoops, and a tire swing wall.
Project runs June 29- July 13

High school volunteers choosing Guatemala will join a passionate cohort of change-makers ready to make a difference in the safe, comfortable, but under resourced town of Tecpán. Whether you choose a one, two, three, or four-week session, you’ll be sharing your experience with a group of your peers across the world, all aged between 14-18. Like you, they’ve decided to dedicate their summer to serve others abroad while being immersed in a truly authentic cultural experience. The friendships that are formed often last a lifetime.

And if you are craving a little adventure, don’t worry, you’ll get that too! We know it’s your summer and you want to have amazing stories and photos of colorful markets, swims in volcanic lakes, and Maya ceremonies to share with your friends and family back home.

Guatemala Summer 2019 Start Dates:
June 15, June 29, Jul 13, July 27, August 17

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Population Below Poverty Line
14% under $1.25
Human Development Index Ranking
128 / 188 countries
Primary School Dropout Rate
Maternal Mortality Rate
140 / 100,000
Voices from the Community
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"You don’t have to have money to be happy. This is one of the greatest lessons that Sydney took away from her time in Tecpán, Guatemala." -CCS Parent

"CCS volunteers bring a sense of cooperation and much needed support to our classroom and our community. The impact of their work can be seen inside the classroom, and out in the community as well." -School Director

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Your Maya Highlands Staff

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Juan Carlos Buonafina is known for his kind personality and for his dedication to the people of his home country of Guatemala. Juan Carlos is an educator, an intercultural exchange professional, and an expert at guiding international volunteer experiences. After receiving his degree, Juan Carlos started his career with CCS, specifically leading the CCS teen program in the Maya Highlands of Tecpan. Join Juan Carlos on your Guatemala journey to gain a unique and unparalleled insight into life in the mountainside towns of Guatemala.
Country Staff

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