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Welcome to Orosi Valley, Costa Rica

High School Volunteer Opportunities in Orosi Valley, Costa Rica

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As a High School Volunteer Abroad in Costa Rica, you’ll be welcomed warmly into the rich relaxed ‘Pura Vida’ lifestyle.

Whether you choose between one, two, three, or four-week sessions on any start date listed below, you’ll be sharing the experience with a group of your peers, all ages 14-18, and like you, they’ve decided that dedicating their summer to serving others abroad while learning more about another culture is a pretty cool challenge to take on.

And that healthy dose of adventure you’re craving? Don’t worry, you’ll get that too! We know it’s your summer and you want to have amazing stories and photos of gorgeous landscapes, historic architecture, and your fellow volunteers to share with your friends and family back home.

Costa Rica Summer 2018 Start Dates:
June 23 (Global Education), July 7 (Global Education), July 21 (Health), August 4 (Sports Leadership)

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Population Below Poverty Line
Up 2% in 5 yrs
Gender Inequality
Single mothers are 31% of population
Primary School Dropout Rate
Adolescent Birth Rate
16% of all childbirths


We know you’re unique and that you have your own interests, which is why we offer specialized volunteer paths that you can choose from. Select a focus in Global Education, Health, or Sports Leadership. Follow your passion and explore how you can make the world a better place.

Sports Leadership
Sports and recreation not only benefits health, they also provides valuable incentive and leadership skills that keep students engaged in school. Many underserved schools lack basic facilities, equipment, and staffing to make sport an integral part of the education experience. CCS high school volunteers coordinate sports activities for youth, while building and refurbishing recreational equipment and infrastructure. Available in Costa Rica on the August 4, 2018 start date.

Global Education
Create a positive learning environment to enable students to find their passion for language and literacy, and a classroom culture where learning is fun. CCS high school volunteers provide hands-on tutoring and instruction, while completing meaningful projects that carve out inspiring learning spaces in libraries and classrooms. Available in Costa Rica on the June 23, 2018 and July 7, 2018 start dates.

Students in many underserved schools lack the basic health education and services essential to their educational development. CCS high school volunteers work on healthcare initiatives in a schools related to vision, dental hygiene, and nutrition, conducting screenings, running workshops, and supporting teachers, nurses, and medical professionals in efforts to address public health challenges in the school. Available in Costa Rica on the July 21, 2018 start date.

Voices from the Community
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"Volunteers trust our students, respect their disability, but also recognize them as people who have their own goals and desires for the future. The impact has been very positive."

"CCS volunteers have helped us complete projects that would have otherwise been abandoned."

"Our community has learned so much about other cultures, and our own culture has been enriched as a result."

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