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CCS is designed to maximize the impact of group volunteers. We can accommodate groups of all sizes from small families to large corporations and have special discounts, projects and more flexible start-dates to accommodate your needs.

Whether you're looking to enroll a group of colleagues, family members, students, alternative spring breakers, or traveling circus performers, we take all kinds! Plenty of groups travel with us each year, so we've got this down to a science.

Volunteer Abroad as a Group

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The Kusi Wawa Kuna Preschool – Lima Peru – PART 2

We're back with part 2 of Bruce's blog about his volunteer experience with CCS in Peru. Dive in with us to explore how we impact child education in this community!

In Part 1 of this post I gushed a bit about how this little humble preschool is a sanctuary and oasis by explaining where it is located in order to give you a brief glimpse into what they have worked through to make this beautiful dream a reality.

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