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We're of the "more the merrier" school of thought. If you're organizing a group of any size, we've got some great options that will help you get your entire group from point A to point B-eautiful international volunteering experience, stress-free!

Whether you're looking to enroll a group of colleagues, family members, students, alternative spring breakers, or traveling circus performers, we take all kinds! Plenty of groups travel with us each year, so we've got this down to a science.

Group Volunteer Programs

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Over the Labor Day weekend, Cross-Cultural Solutions held our inaugural alumni weekend trip, for those who have previously been on a longer experience with CCS, and wanted to reconnect with an international community and other like-minded volunteers. With the recognition that many alumni don’t have the time to go abroad for as long as they did on their initial program, CCS wants to offer quick ways to increase cultural competency and make an impact with some of our partner programs.

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