Over the last 22 years, we've become experts in customizing experiences around the world to highlight the unique strengths and interests of a group of volunteers. Our approach is to develop a dialog with you that generates the ideal itinerary, length of stay, impact areas, and location:

  1. We're an impact-centric organization. Your financial contributions not only cover all of the in-country costs for your group, but also the year-round operations that make your volunteer project sustainable.
  2. Groups can cover the financial contribution as a team, or individually and we have a host of fundraising tools to help you meet your goals, while bringing your group together in the process!
  3. Our full-time staff on-the-ground is here 24/7 to empower your team through the entire process: from trip preparation, working arm in arm at the volunteer assignment, and follow-up upon your return home. We are not a brokerage service.

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