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The Land of Smiles

Gap Year Programs in Nan Province, Thailand

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Impact Area: Early Childhood Education

Child Education
Many students in the Nan Province are children of seasonal farm workers who live with relatives during the off-season, or belong to a nearby Hill Tribe. These students struggle with transportation to schools and as a result have poor attendance and high drop-out rates. The schools themselves struggle with providing enough teachers, especially those who can teach English, which provides a foundation for more employment opportunities within Thailand. In these under resourced schools, CCS volunteers provide valuable language lessons and engaging activities for young students that drive attendance while promoting the importance of education to the broader community.

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Known as The Land of Smiles, Thailand has become one of the world’s most visited destinations. A unique mix of advanced modernization and culture, Thailand is a fascinating contrast across big high rise buildings, ancient temples, beautiful nature, blend of multiple ethnicities and religions across the local people who all live in harmony together. The Nan Province is one of Thailand’s hidden gems: The Land of Love Whispering. A dream destinations for visitors, you'll find yourself in a quiet city full of history and surrounded by nature, mountains, lush green fields, streams, and filled with friendly local people who smile waiting volunteers to visit them.


Population Below Poverty Line
7.3 Million
Human Development Index Ranking
93 / 188 countries
Adolescent Birth Rate
41 / 1,000 teens ages 15-19
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