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Gap Year Programs in Rabat, Morocco

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If you're searching for a destination that speaks to all of your senses, you'll find it on your gap year in Morocco. The country's ancient medinas, quaint coastal towns, and vibrant spice markets remind you at every turn that you've left the familiar behind. For many globetrotting gappers, Morocco provides an eye-opening first-hand look into Islam and all of its beautiful and historied layers. In Rabat, you will find yourself welcomed by people eager to participate in cultural exchange during your gap experience in this remarkable part of the world.


Avg. Annual Temp.
Moderate / Subtropical
Local tempature
Language in Rabat Morocco
National Food
Volunteer Abroad in Rabat Morocco and enjoy the amazing food
Dirham is the currency in Rabat Morocco


Once enrolled, you will have the chance to select the volunteer opportunity that's most interesting to you. Volunteers will always receive their first preference. The only exception to this will be when there are national or school holidays, or there are exceptional circumstances.

Across Morocco, men and women are improving their lives through education. Community centers in Rabat organize important opportunities for recent immigrants, youth who cannot afford school fees, and women eager to learn marketable skills. When you work with The CCS Education & Literacy Project, your contribution goes beyond teaching English, computer classes, accounting, painting, and pottery. By engaging in meaningful class discussions on culture and current social issues, you will open new doors for your students and give them the tools to confidently enter the workplace.

In Morocco, rapid urbanization and a greater intermingling of single men and women have resulted in a rise of unwed mothers over the past decade. Sadly, due to a lack of support and to avoid harsh punishment for having children out of wedlock, many mothers abandon their children, often on the streets. In state orphanages with few resources and overstretched staff, you’ll support The CCS Child Development Project by providing one-on-one interaction and attention. Stretch an orphaned child’s imagination when you engage in creative play, improve the self-esteem of Morocco’s youth, and become a role model for the youngest and most vulnerable of society.

In Morocco, children and young adults with disabilities often don’t receive the support from their families and communities that they need and are placed in state orphanages or institutions for care. When you work with The CCS Support for People with Disabilities Project, you’ll help them reach their full potential by providing individualized attention. Through a combination of creative play, supporting basic needs, and providing opportunities for interaction and physical therapy, you will brighten the days of these special children.

Women’s equality in Morocco has made great strides over the past decade, but legal changes often take generations to impact the opportunities available to women and girls. When you work with The CCS Girls' & Women’s Empowerment Project, you’ll partner with organizations offering educational, cultural, social, and job training activities for women. Whether you’re discussing the rights of women and girls, providing education on English knowledge, or teaching skills in small business development or computer use, you’ll become part of a valuable program to strength the self-esteem and economic opportunities available to women across Morocco.

Families struggle when support and education are limited when working with their healthcare needs. In morocco, your work to provide education to women on their rights, nutrition, and access to healthcare makes a difference for entire families. Or, work with children and their families as they’re navigating, often far from home, the hospitals of Rabat. Your efforts to improve the social determinants of healthcare as part of The CCS Global Health Project will improve the ability of women, families, and communities to improve their own health outcomes.

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