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Gap Year in India

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Impact Area: Early Childhood Education

Child Education
In primary schools in Dharamsala, rote memorization is the primary teaching method, and the building infrastructure is poor, with sanitation and nutrition being primary challenges. Students are too often unsupported by both parents and teachers in meeting higher educational goals, as the local employment opportunities are primary made up of skilled and unskilled labor. Volunteers make a significant difference in both primary and early childhood education settings by introducing creative and engaging activities and teaching methods, as well as English language lessons, to support young students in achieving a solid footing in their educational path to continue to secondary school, and beyond.

Group +4

The Gap Year India experience begins the moment you step off the plane and stays with you long after you depart. The mixture of India's languages, religions, spectacular architecture, and distinctive cuisine will rattle you, and leave you wanting more. Dharamsala is a multidimensional mountain town with a layered history and unique communities. While you are on your gap year volunteering in Dharamsala, be sure to note each and every smell, sound, and sight as you explore all that this community has to offer, because we promise that when you return home, you'll miss them all.


Population Below Poverty Line
24% under $1.25
Human Development Index Ranking
130 / 188 countries
Average Schooling for Girls
3 years less than boys
Maternal Mortality Rate
190 / 100,000
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