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The Land of the Eternal Spring

Gap Year Programs in Tecpán, Guatemala

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Impact Area: Early Childhood Education

Child Education
Rural Guatemalan schools in Tecpán face significant challenges providing students with a quality education to help break the cycles of poverty. Our partner schools lack critical resources, even textbooks, while struggling to keep students attending past the sixth grade. With poverty rates at nearly 60%, students are being pulled from schools to support family farming or to work for wealthier families in cities as housekeepers. With your involvement, we can provide engaging lessons and activities to young children in primary schools, giving them the individual attention and resources to be successful. Your work reflects the importance of education for all children in the community, which encourages increased attendance and improves the chances of students continuing to secondary school.

Group +4

With a blend of Spanish and Maya people, Guatemala is a multicultural, multilingual, and multi-ethnic nation, with 25 ethnic groups and the same number of languages. In Tecpán, you'll be immersed in a community made up of 90% Kaqchikel Mayas, who speak their native dialect in addition to Spanish. The rich history and cultural traditions of the Maya people translates to the colorful fabrics you'll see in the clothing of women and the delicious food flavored with local spices. As you explore the Maya Highlands, you'll find lush farms dotted with volcanoes located between the colonial town of Antigua and magical Lake Atitlan.


Population Below Poverty Line
14% under $1.25
Human Development Index Ranking
128 / 188 countries
Primary School Dropout Rate
Maternal Mortality Rate
140 / 100,000
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